About Us


SailAway to us means “sail to the horizon”, with the music of silence and the magic of nature. Sailing is not just a sport or an holiday, it’s much more. Sailing is a complete experience: life, friendship, nature and overall freedom. It’s a collection of unique moments, the luxury of a room overlooking the pristine nature, which will open its doors and teach us things we already knew … and we will not forget anymore. It is the laughter of friends in the evening, the carefree adventure. We everyday learn from that wonderful mystery that is the Sea and experience nature not as something to watch from the outside but as a universe you are in as part of it.

Se vuoi costruire una barca, non radunare uomini per tagliare legna, dividere i compiti e impartire ordini, ma insegna loro la nostalgia per il mare vasto e infinito.
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)